You Decided to Choose Audit. What’s Next?

November 20, 2019

There are so many choices in a public accounting career: tax vs. audit, large company vs. middle market, and so on. Once you’ve decided which path you want to take, the next question is: “Do I get to choose which industry group I’ll work in?”

At Aronson, we have a rotation program, which gives each new hire the opportunity to work in three industry groups. The idea of providing these three different experiences is to help each first-year associate find where their own passion lies. Through the program, each first-year associate will gain a solid understanding of a few industries and can then have a say in their own destiny.

Aronson’s main industry groups are as follows:

  1. Government Contracting
  2. Not-for-Profit
  3. Employee Benefit Plans
  4. Construction and Real Estate
  5. Technology

Doing your homework is key when it comes to the interview process. It is smart to learn about and gain some familiarity with the different industry groups ahead of time, in order to show initiative. In addition, most firms do not offer this type of rotational program, which can be invaluable in your career. Take the time to ask in your interview if the firm offers an industry rotation program, and consider that in your decision making process.

When I was interviewing, I took time to visit the Aronson website to get information about the different industry groups. I also researched the partners in those industry groups and followed them on LinkedIn, so I could have a better feel for my decision.

When interviewing, it is important to remember to relax, be yourself, and make it a habit to introduce yourself to everyone that you haven’t met. Aronson is the perfect size—small enough to know everyone, but large enough to have a wide range of opportunities. Aronson really does make every team member feel important and welcome. To learn more about Aronson and the hiring process, please contact Veronica Novoa at 240.364.2729.