Year End Charitable Giving Considerations for 2016

On-Demand Webinar
December 20, 2016

December is the month when many people make most of their charitable contributions. Join Aronson experts Craig Stevens and Bob Bender for a webinar presentation that will address:

  • The ‘Tax value “of a charitable contribution based on your tax bracket and other considerations
  • How much of a donation deduction is available for gifts based on the types of property
  • Overall limitations on the charitable contribution deduction
  • The advantages and disadvantages of a private foundation vs. a donor advised fund for larger donors
  • Charitable vehicles that provide income to donors
  • Review of substantiation rules for donations

Learning Objectives
At the end of this webinar, you will have a full understanding of:

  • The tax savings you can expect from making charitable contributions
  • The deduction limitations, overall and for certain types of property
  • The differences and opportunities between having a private foundation and a donor advised fund
  • Charitable vehicles that provide an income back to the donor
  • What documentation requirement exists to substantiate your charitable deductions upon an audit

Download: Year End Charitable Giving Considerations for 2016