Work from Home with Team Aronson

Life at Aronson
August 29, 2022

Aronson’s flexibility first culture is an industry-leading model that prioritizes staff needs while remaining client-centric. This environment enables team members to find the working arrangement that best fits their lifestyle and helps them thrive both in and out of the office. When surveyed, 97% of Aronson team members noted feeling satisfied with the remote work environment.

Hear from some team members about their favorite work from home moments.

“My favorite work from home moments are the times we take a few extra minutes on our weekly call (with cameras on) and discuss non-work topics. These conversations always lead to the funniest stories – for example – “what animals are you most afraid of?” (surprisingly, quite a few of us are afraid of birds) and our July 4 topic – “How do you like your hot dog?” It’s only a 15 minute call but we learn A LOT about each other!” – Leslie Z.

“I love that I can go outside at lunch to take care of my plants and flowers, and play in the yard with the dogs. It allows me to recharge and be ready to tackle the afternoon!” – Kathy F.

“I never wanted to work from home, but COVID had other plans. Aronson has been very deliberate in making sure that team members have tools to communicate and get opportunities to bond despite the physical distance. I probably talk to my colleagues more now than when we sat feet away from each other! We’ve had a virtual baby shower with cookie decorating, a painting party, and more.”

On a personal level, the biggest blessing of WFH was getting to spend so much time with my dog Pudge. Pudge was a certified therapy dog who visited Aronson’s offices during busy season to relieve team members’ stress. My other dog passed away right before the pandemic, and it was hard leaving Pudge home alone to go to the office. Working remotely allowed me to do my job with him curled up in my lap. I learned to warn people ahead of time that, if they heard snoring on a call, it wasn’t me! Pudge passed away this January at the age of 16. The last two years I had with him are so precious to me and I wouldn’t have had them without WFH.” – Jennifer A.

“Aronson’s emphasis on flexibility has been invaluable for me. Working from home means I get to spend the day with my pups, which has been so fun. Plus, they get to meet my team members on our video calls!” – Rachel G.

“Working from home has allowed me to expand my cooking abilities. I use part of my lunch break for food preparation for dinner and to research new recipes. All these new recipes and techniques convinced me to splurge on an indoor herb garden.” – Linda M.

“Even in a remote environment, our team makes time for fun virtual team bonding activities. Some of things we have done so far include a spa event, paint & sip, making diamond art bookmarks, and making live holiday wreaths.” – Julia C.

“I love the commute and not having to deal with traffic!” – Anne B.

“Our group, CSGC, held a virtual paint and sip. It was a lot of fun. And as you can see from the picture, we have quite a few artists.” – Linda R.

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