Whitepaper: Working Capital Considerations in Middle Market M&A

February 24, 2021

Working capital considerations play an important role in most M&A transactions. The working capital calculation can have a dollar-for-dollar impact on the cash proceeds and sophisticated buyers/sellers can structure the calculation to their benefit.  Aronson’s Transaction Advisory experts, William Foote, and Barry Rieger have developed a new whitepaper to help ensure you understand the working capital calculation components, methodology, and strategies to mitigate risk. 

 This whitepaper covers: 

  • General M&A process overview
  • Working capital calculations 
  • Working capital negotiations
  • Strategies to maximize value and manage disputes and more.

For further information on Aronson’s transaction advisory services or questions on working capital, quality of earnings, sell-side readiness, or other transaction/valuation-related questions, please reach out to our Transaction Advisory team