What Remote Work Culture Looks Like at Aronson

July 20, 2022

Hear from fully remote Senior Tax Associate Chris S. and Client Relations Specialist Lauren L. about their experience with Aronson’s remote work culture.

What do you enjoy most about working remotely?

Chris S.:

  1. No commute!
  2. Flexibility.
  3. Comfort.

Lauren L.: Remote work has allowed me to grow my career and professional experiences without having to sacrifice my location independence. Living close to family has always been a priority for me and remote work has made that possible. Remote work has also meant that neither my spouse nor I have had to give up on professional opportunities due to location.


How would you describe Aronson’s remote work culture and policies?

Chris S.: In my experience, the firm’s culture is consistent between remote and office work. The firm is still open, inclusive, and flexible whether you’re in the office or at home. We still have those proverbial water cooler conversations about the kids, what you did on vacation, the game last night, whatever is new to stream this week, whoever got sent home without a rose on Monday, and everything else over Microsoft Teams.

Lauren L.: The best way to describe Aronson’s remote work culture and policies would be employee-centered. Aronson works hard to create a culture that is considerate of all employees, regardless of the flexible work arrangement they choose. They provide a variety of resources to help remote workers succeed including a stipend to set up a home office and the technology needed to work efficiently. Aronson also invests in at least two in-person celebrations each year where all employees gather for networking and team building, further supporting the connection remote employees feel to the firm.


What would you tell potential candidates about remote work at Aronson?

Chris S.: Some companies are dangling the carrot of remote work for a few days a week, only for the employees to have the rug pulled out from under their feet and forced to work in the office five days a week. Aronson is not one of those companies. I have a 17 hour, 1,000 mile round trip commute driving between my house and the office. In the nearly two years that I’ve been with the firm I have never made that drive once. The firm may be hiring fully remote team members from California, Florida, Michigan, New York, and plenty of other states too far away from Rockville, MD to ever visit the office besides special occasions, but that’s not where most of our remote team members live. Most fully remote team members actually live in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. This highlights the firm’s serious ongoing commitment to remote work even long after the COVID pandemic is just a distant memory, regardless of how close or far you live to the office.

Lauren L.: Initially, I was nervous to transition to a fully remote position. I was worried that I would feel excluded from the company and miss out on building strong relationships with my colleagues. Although, from the first day with Aronson I could tell that they made it a priority to support collaboration and networking regardless of location. At Aronson, your career opportunities will not be hindered by your decision to work remotely.  

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