Washington Technology Shares Insights on Government Shutdown from Tom Marcinko’s Whitepaper

Aronson News
January 14, 2019

Ross Wilkers of Washington Technology shared insights from a whitepaper by Tom Marcinko in his article, “Record-breaking shutdown piles pain onto contractors” (paywall).

As the partial shutdown made the record books for the longest period that some or all agencies have been closed, Wilkers shared insights on stop-work orders from the Aronson LLC whitepaper, “A Contractors Guide to Surviving a Government Shutdown.”  Wilkers shared that although it may seem counter-intuitive, a stop-work order “may be the best outcome for the contractor because the rights and obligations of both parties are clear and the contractor will be reimbursed for the expenses resulting from stopping and re-starting the work.”

Wilkers complemented these takeaways with insights from Boost CEO Stephanie Alexander, Bloomberg Government, and the Pulse of GovCon.

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