Update-Alliant 2 Final RFP Release Date & Other Hot Button Questions Answered!

October 30, 2015

The GSA Enterprise GWAC Alliant 2 team from San Diego shared their thoughts on a few essential questions related to the Alliant 2 RFP.  Among the questions and answers during the 25 minute video posted on GSA Interact, those listed below may be of most interest to industry as the wait continues for the release of the final RFP.

What types of contractors participate?  What is the mix of businesses with a focused specialty versus those with broader areas of expertise?  What advice would you give to contractors who want to participate? 

According to the Alliant 2 team, Alliant 2 is designed with the intention of encompassing all areas of the Information Technology government contracting industry including such ancillary services as digging ditches to run a fiber optic cable.  The phrase “anything IT anywhere” was also used to answer this question which indicates the broad spectrum of bidders expected related to IT services.  With regard to the types of contractors, the team agreed that this is a tough question to answer given that their job is to make the RFP as fair and open as possible.  However, they did specify that they will be attempting to evaluate those companies that have IT specialties in the four areas that will be the focus of the federal government in the future.  These areas include development, security, health and IT, and data.  With respect to the advice for contractors who want to participate in Alliant 2, the team urged contractors to review their libraries of PSC codes and leading edge technologies (LETs) which are both part of the self- scoring evaluation.  Contractors should subjectively review these libraries and reasonably cite work under a given contract under the D399 PSC Code for IT Other as well as under the PSC cyber security code and further, gather the necessary documentation as required in the draft RFP.

Alliant 2 will use a self-assessment that is similar to the one previously used in OASIS.  How will you evaluate the grades that contractors give themselves?  What will be considered a passing grade? 

Given that this has been a hot topic in industry, your company may be at ease in knowing that the Alliant 2 GWAC team stressed there will be no requirement for a minimal passing grade.  They felt that imposing a requirement of a minimum passing grade would limit them in their selections and ultimately cut out companies that might be a good fit.  The team also stressed that self-scoring should be done honestly as they will be digging in deep to verify all documentation required with the self-scoring evaluations.

What is the expected timeline for release of the final RFP?

Since this video was released on GSA Interact, a more recent response letter from John Cavadias, Alliant 2 Procuring Contracting Officer, to The Coalition for Government Procurement, was released on September 11th.  According to the letter, there will now be a second draft RFP posted in mid-October on Federal Business Opportunities.  The official final RFP is now slated to be released sometime before the mid-spring season of 2016.