Tom Marcinko Talks to USA Today About Trump’s Border Wall

Aronson News
November 7, 2017

Tom Marcinko was quoted on November 1, 2017 in a USA Today article entitled, “Government Asked Citizens Which Laws it Should ‘Deviate From’ for Trump’s Border Wall.” On March 2, the Department of Homeland Security posted a Request for Information asking professionals and interest groups to contribute their ideas on a “long-term strategy” for building and maintaining a 2,000 mile wall along the border. Part of the request asks for people to contribute their ideas on “major deviations from federal law or regulation necessary to make this innovation possible.

Tom provides his interpretation of the government’s request. He suggests “My immediate thought is they’re looking for contractors to make the case against, say, the environmental laws or anything that would require an impact statement or assessment. I would interpret that to mean — ‘If there’s any liberal do-goodie laws that limit business, you let us know.’ It’s almost a political thing. ‘Let us know what laws are hurting what you do.'”

Read “Government asked citizens which laws it should ‘deviate from’ for Trump’s border wall.”