The Contractor Purchasing System Review (CPSR) – What You Should Know

March 4, 2019

An adequate contractor purchasing system (CPSR) is one designed to ensure that purchases are made at fair and reasonable prices and in compliance with the applicable contract terms, regulations and public laws. The first thing a contractor needs to understand about contractor purchasing systems is what constitutes a purchasing system.

Many contractors think a purchasing system is something that can be purchased off the shelf and installed, like a mechanical system. However, a purchasing system is an amalgamation of people, processes, and tools that must work together to achieve the goal of spending taxpayer dollars wisely.

This whitepaper describes:

  • The benefits accruing to contractors that maintain compliant purchasing systems
  • When and how the government conducts a contractor purchasing system review (CPSR)
  • Steps contractors can take to prepare for and pass a CPSR

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