The Benefits and Detriments of Mobile GPS Monitoring: Should You Make the Investment?

February 12, 2019

Mobile GPS monitoring allows for employers to keep track of their employee’s whereabouts, especially in situations where travel is a major part of the job. Implementing GPS tracking can be easy. Companies can get started through installing a GPS tracking system on a  company-issued phone or installing a GPS system in the company vehicle if provided. The simplest option is to install a GPS app on a company-issued phone. If an employee doesn’t have a company issued phone, the employee would need to authorize an application being put on their personal device. There are benefits for both the employer and employee when GPS monitoring is implemented.

A major benefit for companies is a potential increase in revenue with a decrease in costs. Since location will be tracked, it will make employees more apt to stay on course, allowing a job to get done in the allotted amount of time. Not only this, but it will decrease the costs in gas that might be over what the estimate is because the driver decided to use the car for non-work reasons. It will also decrease maintenance and repair costs because it will not be on the road more than it needs to be. Other costs that can be saved are liability costs when it comes to safety. By using tracking, it ensures the driver is staying to the route which can help decrease accident liability, whereas if the driver decided to use the car for different reasons not work related and were to get in an accident, they could simply say they were using it for work related activities when they had the accident, which puts the employer at risk. Estimates on costs and lack of liability would be more accurate than they would without the system.

Additional benefits include timeliness on a specific job. A GPS tracker would make sure the employee arrives to a job at a specific time and leaves in a timely manner; or, does not leave before they are supposed to, which will improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Even though there are many benefits to having a GPS monitoring system in place, there are still detriments, such as privacy. If a driver were to deviate from course for any reason, such as traffic, and the driver knows a quicker way, or the driver wanted to grab lunch somewhere off course, it would cause a conflict issue because the employer would constantly be questioning the actions of the employee even if there was no mal intention. The average person would not like to be tracked every moment of every day they are working.

Overall there are many things to think of when debating installation of a GPS tracking system. When making the decision it depends on what the company is looking for and if there are currently issues taking place that would benefit from this or not.