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How to Develop an IT Strategic Plan and Stick to It

Preparation Is your business prepared to successfully respond to an IT-related disaster? Different companies require varying levels of technology and technology protection. When forming your IT strategy, the first critical step is to make sure your IT plan supports your specific company’s needs. This means developing a plan that will protect employees and important data […]

GSA Whistleblower Vindicated, FAS and TTS Realignment, and Politics – Not as Usual?

Shakeups in the management of the General Services Administration (GSA) continue to cascade and make waves. In early July, the Office of Special Counsel (OSC) announced that it reached a settlement with the GSA on behalf of recently-resigned Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) Commissioner Thomas Sharpe. In its letter to President Trump on July 5th, the […]

Transactional Data Rule Updates: Tentative Mass Mod Dates Released

In a webinar to discuss its Transactional Data Reporting (TDR) pilot program, GSA announced tentative dates for the issuance of the mass modification (A509) to implement the pilot program for affected schedules. As discussed in Aronson’s previous blog, schedule holders who participate in the TDR pilot will be required to provide monthly contract sales reports, […]

GSA is Making It Easier with the IT70 Startup Springboard Initiative

GSA is making changes to its IT70 GSA schedule guidelines that ease requirements regarding corporate experience, relevant projects, and submission of audited financial documentation for innovative start-up companies who have been in business for less than two years. This initiative will eliminate the 2-year corporate experience requirement and reduce barriers for emerging companies looking to […]

GSA Working to Keep Abreast of the Latest Technology Trends

GSA has been keeping abreast of the latest technology trends in order to meet the evolving needs of its customer agencies. One of the most important technology trends right now is cloud computing – the director of GSA’s Cloud Computing Services Program Management Office, Stan Kaczmarczyk, estimates in Federal Computer Weekly that the federal cloud […]

GSA Q&A: New GSA Professional Services Schedule Impact on Existing GSA Schedules

Question: Will contractors with existing Schedules under the purview of the new Professional Services Schedule be automatically transferred to the new Professional Services Schedule? Answer: The move to the Professional Services Schedule is intended to be transparent to any single Schedule holder, small or large. Contractors holding the following Schedules: MOBIS (874), PES (871), FABS […]

GSA Announces Plans and Timeline for Services Schedules Consolidation

GSA has talked about the consolidation of services across multiple Schedules for quite some time.  This week they announced their strategy and prospective timeline for a massive consolidation of services from eight Schedules. Of course, the first question most will have is “so what do we do now?” Current Schedule-holders and companies with offers going […]

GSA Releases RFI on Proposed Change to Add a Cloud Computing Special Item Number (SIN) on IT Schedule 70

According to a recently released “Request for Information” (RFI), GSA is considering the formation of a new SIN under Schedule 70 (IT) specifically for cloud computing services. The RFI describes the objective of the new SIN as “to improve the way that GSA offers cloud computing services through IT Schedule 70, increase visibility and access […]

What is a Cyberincident Response Plan and Do We Need One?

With today’s cybersecurity threats, companies need to not only defend their perimeter, but also mitigate the effects of inevitable breaches or other cyberincidents.  This can be done through an effective incident response (IR) plan which identifies risks, and has clear points for decision making and escalation paths.  The objectives of a good IR plan should […]

Montgomery County, MD, Entices New Business With Rent Subsidy

If sticker shock has kept your company from leasing offices in Montgomery County, MD, keep reading! To attract business in life sciences, IT, cybersecurity, and green technologies, the MOVE program is offering a $4/SF rent subsidy. MOVE!!!  It stands for Make Office Vacancies Extinct, and that’s what they want companies in the metropolitan DC area […]