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Will Your Indirect Cost Rates be Accepted by Your State Department of Transportation?

In 2016, VDOT dedicated $483 million of its budget to Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads transportation projects. Whether you were recently awarded a contract by VDOT or are planning to submit an RFP in the near future, you may want to start putting all your ducks in a row for when that win does come […]

GAO Decision Clarifies Critical Point for Products/Services to be on Vendor’s FSS Schedule

A recent bid protest decision from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) clarifies the critical point at which products and/or services must be awarded on a Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) contract in order for the contractor to properly receive an FSS order for the item. In the matter of AmeriGuard Security Services, Inc., B-411513, Oct. 3, […]

Changes Afoot for NASA Incurred Cost Audits

NASA is considering its options to address long overdue contractor costs. These options result from decreased DCAA involvement, and in turn, decreased review of Incurred Cost submissions raising the ire of the Office of the Inspector General (OIG). According to DCAA, there are more than 19,000 proposals pending review. Approximately 1,150 of those proposals are […]

GAO Says U.S. Government is Suspending Risky Contractors More Often

From the Washington Post: For years, watchdog groups have lamented that many government agencies continue to work with contractors that act unethically, commit fraud or perform poorly. But as the U.S. government has tried to crack down on wasteful  the number of companies suspended and prohibited from contracting with federal agencies has grown significantly. And […]

Are Reverse Auctions Actually Meeting the Intended Competition and Cost Intentions?

Federal agencies hope to generate lower prices on non-complex commodities and simple services (from office supplies to medical equipment) via reverse auctions but are reverse auctions actually meeting the intended competition and cost intentions? A U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) study on this topic was released December 9, 2013. Entitled “Reverse Auctions – Guidance Is Needed […]

GAO Report on DCAA Access to Company Internal Audit Reports

The Government Accountability Office (“GAO”) released a report on December 8, 2011 titled “DEFENSE CONTRACT AUDITS: Actions Needed to Improve DCAA’s Access to and Use of Defense Company Internal Audit Reports” (GAO-12-88). The GAO performed their study to assess whether defense contractors’ internal audit departments, and the reports they issue, should play a greater role […]

If at First You Don’t Succeed — Protest!

As was predicted by many industry analysts, including Aronson’s own Hope Lane, the relatively newfound ability to protest task order awards combined with the austere procurement budgets of many agencies has resulted in more protests.  1,989 protests were filed with the Government Accountability Office (GAO) in fiscal year 2009 which represented a 20% increase from 2008.  This […]