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Fundraising Strategies: How to Reach Millennials

Millennials are now the largest age group, and soon will surpass baby boomers in having the largest buying power by 2017. There is a lot of incentive and opportunity for organizations, including non-profits, to engage with this generation. But millennials have changed the face of communication, particularly with those wishing to advertise to them, and […]
October 20, 2016

Beating the Odds with a Long Term Development Director

I have had the honor of being associated with Bread for the City (Bread) for more than 20 years, the last six or seven as a Board Member and Treasurer. One key element of Bread’s success has been the longevity of Kristin Foti, their development director. For many clients, Development Directors turn over frequently in […]

Planning a Fundraising Event? The Devil is in the Details!

As if planning for a fundraising event, such as a silent auction or an annual dinner, wasn’t already one of the busiest times on the calendar for a charity organization, there is the required records and correspondence that needs to be addressed to keep your organization on the up and up with IRS rules. IRS […]

Sweet Briar Closure Announcement Raises More Questions than Answers

In March 2015, Virginia’s Sweet Briar College shocked students, staff and alumnae by abruptly announcing its upcoming closure. The announcement stated that the women’s liberal arts college would close “as a result of insurmountable financial challenges,” despite the school’s reported $85 million endowment. Even as more details emerge about the closure, however, there are more […]

The Philanthropreneurs of Today

Technology has played an enormous role in transforming our lives, making our day-to-day activities indefinitely easier and less time-consuming. Who doesn’t know the tech-savvy leaders of this century?  Masterminds like Bill Gates (Founder of Microsoft), Mark Zuckerberg (Founder of Facebook), Jan Koum (Founder of Whatsapp) and many more have revolutionized this modern era. Not only […]

Thanking Donors Personally Pays Off

A recent article in the Non Profit Times highlighted something  I have known in my own experience as a donor for a long time: donors respond to a personal thank-you better than other acknowledgments and will increase their subsequent giving as a result. According to the NonProfit Times, during the 2014 International Fundraising Congress (IFC), […]

Squaring Off in Football and Fundraising

According to an article in the Chronicle Of Philanthropy, Ohio State and Oregon, in addition to playing in the college football inaugural championship game in Arlington, Texas on January 12, also faced off in fundraising. In a competition known as the Bucks vs. Ducks Giving Challenge, the development teams competed to see who could bring […]
January 21, 2015
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Your Top 5 Nonprofit Fundraising and Crowdsourcing Questions Answered

Engaging the next generation of donors is a challenge for all nonprofit organizations. What worked yesterday may not necessarily work tomorrow, and nonprofits are looking at new ways that they can achieve their fundraising goals. At a recent event hosted by the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by Aronson LLC, a panel of nonprofit […]

A New Creative (and Possibly Simple) Way for Fundraising

We have all seen which way the winds are blowing. We are all witnesses to the aggressive rate at which social media permeates daily operations of virtually all nonprofits. For those nonprofits that hesitate to embrace online fundraising, it may be time to consider taking that first step. Online fundraising keeps growing at a bellicose […]

Fishing for Funding and the Charitable Deduction Debate

As the government works to solve the country’s budget problems, President Obama and Congress are considering caps or cuts to the charitable tax deduction. Recently Senator Max Baucus, Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and Senator Orrin Hatch, Senior Rep. on the committee, initiated a process of crafting legislation to overhaul the tax code beginning […]