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How to Secure A Business Line of Credit

A business line of credit loan helps businesses grow, operate, and can provide security in case the company runs into financial difficulties or unexpected situations. Your business has the flexibility to choose when and how much capital to use with a line of credit. In order to obtain a line of credit for your business, […]

Financials 101 for Startups – Part IV: The Statement of Cash Flows

The purpose of the statement of cash flows is to summarize cash inflows and outflows over a period of time. It is an important statement because it can be used to assess what type of activities generated (or used) much of the company’s cash during the year. The statement of cash flows reconciles net income […]

Exploring Cash Basis Eligibility for a Competitive Edge

If you are a primarily a service-based business that has elected to utilize a pass-through tax operating structure treatment (i.e., S Corporation or partnership) and are not currently reporting your taxable income on the cash method, you are most likely at a disadvantaged cash flow financing position as compared to your competition. Unlike you, your competition is […]

Big Change for Financing Options for Nonprofits in NYC

Last Thursday, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the formation of a new governmental entity to assist the city’s 501(c) organizations to obtain low-cost, tax-exempt financing for capital projects. There is an estimate of at least 20 projects stuck in development with a potential price tag of over $400 million, according to Crain’s New York […]

Talking about Financing Options for Non-profits

We spoke with Kevin Quinn of the Wye River Group to talk about financing options for non-profits. Based in Annapolis, Maryland, Wye River provides financial advisory, capital financing and investment advisory services to not-for-profit institutions and state and local Governments and agencies ( Our questions and answers with Kevin are below: 1.   Are […]