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Four Easy Ways to Grow Your School’s Endowment

Endowments are imperative for schools, because they provide schools with long-term financial resources that schools need in order to grow and succeed. They are helpful in creating pools of funding, the returns from which can be used for special projects, capital improvements, and scholarships. In tough times of rising operating costs and flat or decreasing […]
November 27, 2018

Endowment Updates

Nonprofits dream of substantial endowments to allay rising operating costs and for greater flexibility to pursue new programs and ideas. Nonprofits such as prestigious universities, have often achieved this goal. Endowments generally involve donations to nonprofits whereby the corpus or principal of the gift are to remain intact and the “earnings” on the corpus can be […]
April 10, 2017
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  • Aronson

Will the Trend of Awarding Grants Above the 5% Minimum Catch On?

According to the Non Profit Quarterly, the Patricia Kind Family Foundation and the Untours Foundation are asking other foundations to award grants above the 5% minimum, in order to sustain their tax-exempt status, in an attempt to create a trend of foundations utilizing more of their assets towards making a positive social impact rather than […]

Nonprofit Endowments Under Scrutiny

A question that has been asked with some regularity over a long span of time is –”When will the size of our endowment attract the interest of the IRS?” or “Is there a point at which our tax-exempt status may be threatened?” Although the issue has come up occasionally there is no current limit on […]

Sweet Briar Closure Announcement Raises More Questions than Answers

In March 2015, Virginia’s Sweet Briar College shocked students, staff and alumnae by abruptly announcing its upcoming closure. The announcement stated that the women’s liberal arts college would close “as a result of insurmountable financial challenges,” despite the school’s reported $85 million endowment. Even as more details emerge about the closure, however, there are more […]

Pitfalls to Avoid When Starting a Planned Giving Program

Every organization makes mistakes starting new programs.  Most of these mistakes can be overcome but cost time and resources.  When starting a planned giving program these mistakes are often very public and could reduce a donors confidence in the organization.  However, learning from the mistakes of others can help ensure a strong foundation.  Lorri Greif […]

Protection of Charitable Assets Act: What the New Uniform Law Would Mean for Nonprofits

by Alexandra Megaris, Esq. Venable LLP The committee tasked with drafting a new uniform law that regulates charities and charitable assets has released the newest version of the proposed law, renamed the Protection of Charitable Assets Act, which is currently under consideration by the drafting committee. If ultimately approved, the uniform act could become law […]

Endowment Investment Management

Endowments are permanently restricted assets maintained with the intent of having a source of investment income that can be utilized toward the endowment’s mission. In this time of a dodgy economy and fearful market, it is critical to revisit and assess whether the portfolio is performing to the best possible effect. Effective asset management includes […]