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Audit Preparedness and You

Audit season is starting up for organizations with December 31st year ends. Nothing really rings in the New Year like rolling forward those net asset schedules. It is never easy for each side of an audit to understand what it is like from the other perspective unless you’ve been on both sides of the table. […]

Great Relationships Start with Communication

Most nonprofits and associations of a certain size undergo an annual audit of their financial statements. While not necessarily a pleasant experience, it is an important discipline to maintain fiscal health and accountability. Having performed audits for 34 years here are some thoughts on what makes for a mutually beneficial relationship between auditors and clients. What […]

New White Paper on Employee Benefit Plan Audits Ready for Immediate Download

Earlier this year, Aronson released the results of our first annual “Employee Benefit Plan Benchmarking Survey”, a valuable tool for appraising your organization’s benefit plan strategies against those of other employers. If you haven’t downloaded it already, we encourage you to do so. Now that you are armed with that information, you might be wondering […]

Good News for 2015 DCAA Provides Standard Procedures to Establish Provisional Billing Rates

The Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) released a memorandum for regional directors (MRD) in June 2014 to provide guidance on establishing provisional billing rates. The MRD aligns DCAA’s procedures with FAR 42.704 requirements and clarifies the individual responsible for establishing provisional billing rates and the timeliness of establishing provisional billing rates. There are two major points […]