Stress Less about the CPA

July 31, 2019

As an accounting student, the three most intimidating letters are: CPA. The process of becoming a CPA is long and can put a great deal of stress on the candidate. However, Aronson is here to help! Below are some useful offers that Aronson provides to help ease the stress.

Study Materials

Knowing exactly where to start with the CPA process  can be difficult, but Aronson is here to guide you, through recruiting, externships, internships, or the new hire process. While researching possible CPA review materials, you will notice the abundance of options you have to choose from. As a new hire, and maybe fresh out of college, funds can be tight and CPA review materials are not cheap! Aronson makes it easy and provides Becker CPA Exam Review to its employees at no cost. Aronson will do all the work for setting up Becker, so all you will need to do is sign in and start studying! Becker has been a leader in test preparation for 60 years and has helped over one million candidates prepare for the CPA Exam by offering a review course personalized for you.

The Exam

After studying for your first section of the exam, it is time to apply and schedule to sit for the exam. Each section of the test has a fee, along with a separate fixed application fee. There are four sections, so these costs will add up. Costs aside, candidates are under major pressure to perform well on the exam, so Aronson wants to relieve as much of that stress as possible. Aronson will reimburse all exam fees and costs for your first time taking each section.

Added Benefits

There are a few other ways Aronson assists their employees through the CPA process. As a new hire, you may find some downtime in between work assignments. Aronson lets you use this time to study, which is a huge advantage, considering how hard it can be to stay up and study after working an 8-hour day. In addition, Aronson also offers four days of paid time off (PTO) for you to take the exam, without using your regular PTO. Finally, Aronson provides their employees with a bonus if you pass all four parts within the first three years. How about that for some extra motivation!

Aronson is committed to the continued development of its people and our People Team is there to provide guidance and support along the way. If you want to stress less about the CPA, come join the Aronson team! Reach out to Rachel Cotton at 301.231.6200 to learn more.