Uniform Guidance

Protect your funding.

Navigating the shifting terrain of federal grant requirements can be confusing and constricting, regardless of whether you’re a for-profit government contractor or non-profit entity.

We understand how high the stakes are for organizations who receive federal award funding. Our governmental audit experts are here to guide you through the Single Audit, providing high quality reporting and guidance along the way.

Our Experience

Since the introduction of A-133 audits in 1992 and the more recent codification of OMB Uniform Guidance regulations, we have helped organizations untangle the complexities of compliance.

We offer extensive experience with common federal compliance matters such as cost principles, allowable versus unallowable costs, remediation plans, and more.

Our Commitment

Our team keeps up-to-date and regularly lectures on the latest developments in the arena of federal compliance. As testament to our long-standing commitment, members of our team wrote The Financial Management Handbook for Associations and Nonprofits, which many accounting firms and nonprofits use as their reference source for federal compliance audits.


Extension of Single Audit Filing Deadlines

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June 22, 2021

Prohibition on Certain Telecommunications Equipment and Services for Federal Grant Awardees

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June 22, 2021

Increase in Micropurchase Threshold Available Under Certain Qualifications

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June 14, 2021

What Should be Included on your SEFA?

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FFATA Reporting Requirements

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