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Not-for-profit revenue recognition can be complex. Whether you are trying to determine contributions vs. exchange transactions, remember the differences between donor-imposed restrictions vs. donor-imposed conditions, or just need a quick reminder on the requirements to recognized contributed services, we can help. This hub is meant to be a free tool to help nonprofits with their revenue recognition questions. New content will be added monthly, so check back soon for updates.

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Nonprofit Revenue Recognition: Contribution Vs. Exchange Transaction

In order to apply the correct revenue recognition accounting, nonprofits must consider if a... more
June 23, 2021
Jan 13
On-Demand Webinar

Nonprofit Revenue Recognition Webinar

Download presentation slides. Nonprofit accounting for exchange transactions are... more

GAAP Accounting for Third Party Reimbursements: Contributions vs. Exchange Transactions

U.S. GAAP accounting for Federal government grants might seem straightforward after the adoption of... more
October 14, 2021

Noncash Contributions: Donated Goods and Property

Not-for-profit organizations sometimes receive noncash contributions (also referred to... more
September 9, 2021

Not-For-Profit GAAP: Defining Equity Transfer and Equity Transaction

An equity transfer is a nonreciprocal transfer between related not-for-profit organizations, where... more
August 24, 2021

What are Donor-Imposed Restrictions?

Donors can impose two different types of stipulations on contributions provided to nonprofits,... more
June 23, 2021