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As an authorized Sage Intacct partner, we can help you stay a step ahead of your competitors.

Aronson is proud to be a Value-Added Partner (VAR) with the award winning financial management software provider, Sage Intacct. A best-in-class ERP solution for small to mid-size organizations in the nonprofit space, and soon, in the construction industry.

Built for finance

As a best-in-class provider, Sage Intacct cloud financial software delivers deep accounting capabilities across multiple industries and is the AICPA’s only preferred financial software. Our Sage Intacct experts speak CPA. We draw on our broad experience in software and finance to help guide you through successful implementation of this program and achieve positive results for your organization.

Built to scale

Reducing time to close by as much as 79% and seeing real-time reporting across hundreds of consolidated entities, finance leaders using Sage Intacct are in a position to drive growth, not just cope with it. Sage Intacct’s open application programming interface (API) allows you to customize the platform to fit your needs.

Built for the cloud

Sage Intacct’s multi-entity, multi-currency true cloud foundation brings robust technology infrastructure to your organization, without the high costs of managing servers. It provides the elasticity companies need to grow. Sage Intacct handles:

  • 100 million application requests per day
  • 1 billion API calls per month
  • Over 50 billion financial records

Built for success

Sage Intacct customers achieve an average 250% ROI and payback in less than six months. It’s no wonder that Sage Intacct has received the highest customer satisfaction ratings from G2 Crowd. Our Sage Intacct team’s commitment to innovation and understanding your feedback keep us aligned with what matters to the people who depend on this software.

Built for public companies

Dozens of businesses, both large and small, have gone public using Sage Intacct. Finance leaders see few achievements as rewarding or challenging as going public. Finance teams using Sage Intacct ensure compliance and auditability, with the audit trails, visibility, and forecasting necessary to support an IPO. Need another reason to move to cloud financials? Here are seven more. 

To learn more about Sage Intacct and try a 30-day trial, click here.

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