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Helping you get the best possible deal through the least complicated process.

After twenty years of service in the M&A market, we have decided to sunset our investment banking division, Aronson Capital Partners. During this time, we achieved some great success, advising approximately 70 companies with transactions totaling over $2 billion. While we will no longer act in an investment banking capacity, we still have a robust offering of transaction advisory services that support accounting and tax strategy related to M&A.

We understand that every M&A transaction is nuanced and unique. Whether you’re on the buy-side or the sell-side of the deal, Aronson’s advisors are here to support you throughout the transaction life cycle. For more information on these services, please see below.

Financial Statement Assurance

A high quality financial statement audit can be used to improve the effectiveness of your risk management, internal controls, and governance processes. Financial statements are key document used by M&A advisors and when bringing your deal to market. Often, reviewed or audited financials are an essential part of the process. Clean records do not happen overnight. Bring our team in advance of your transaction to help position you for the easiest and best possible outcome at exit.

Aronson can advise if your needs can be effectively met through a financial statement review, audit or other agreed upon procedures. We have all of your financial statement assurance needs covered.

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We regularly assist middle-market companies, entrepreneurs, private equity groups, investors, lenders, and attorneys with complex valuation projects. In the M&A arena, our team provides valuation support before and after the deal. Before the deal we perform enterprise valuations that inform the decision-making process for transaction participants. After the deal our team conducts purchase price allocations for financial reporting and tax compliance purposes.

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Financial Due Diligence

We take the guesswork out of complex M&A transactions. We offer flexible financial due diligence support tailored to the specific needs of our buy-side and sell-side clients. Aimed at helping you avoid surprises, our financial due diligence engagements commonly involve in-depth analyses in arears such as:

  • Historical operating results and quality of earnings
  •  EBITDA normalization adjustments
  • Revenue visibility and concentrations
  • Quality of assets and working capital trends
  • On- and off-balance sheet liabilities

Tax Due Diligence

In the M&A setting knowledge is power. The more the transaction parties know and the sooner they know it, the better. That’s where we come in. We can help you mitigate income tax and non-income tax exposure areas and identify potential opportunities.

  • Federal tax
  • State and local tax
  • International tax

Tax Structuring

Beyond our core financial and tax due diligence offerings, our clients often look to us for insightful analysis with respect to tax-efficient deal structuring and other deal negotiation considerations.

  • Asset sale/purchase vs. equity sale/purchase
  • Contingent consideration and rollover equity
  • After-tax cash flow modeling
  • Tax equalization calculations
  • Equity instruments
  • Key employee compensation

Post-Closing Services

After the dust settles, there are often a number of deal-related initiatives and action items. If your organization is running out of bandwidth, you can call on our team to lend a hand in areas such as:

  • Working capital and earnout disputes
  • Financial statement audit readiness
  • Seller party final compliance tax reporting
  • ASC 740 and deferred taxes

Federal Acquisition Regulatory Integration

    For those in the government contracting space, M&A activity brings with it a host of industry-specific post-closing considerations. Chief among them is compliance with the FAR. Here’s how we can assist:

  • Review, recommendation, and integration of rate structure(s)
  • Examination and mitigation of unresolved contract audit cost and billing risks
  • Revisions of Disclosure Statements, Incurred Cost Submissions, or Forward Pricing
  • Assisting with communications to the contracting officers, and Federal auditors

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High Net Worth

Aronson assists high net worth individuals with transferring the fruit of their hard work in the most tax-efficient manner. In the estate or gift planning stage, we work closely with your attorneys to ensure that the resulting arrangements best reflect your wishes and protect your interests and those of your loved ones. Highly experienced professionals at Aronson help you satisfy all federal and state reporting requirements, and are prepared to represent you before all taxing authorities.

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