Internal Audit

Maximize opportunities and minimize risk.

We provide outsourced or co-sourced internal audit resources to help your organization design and execute a risk-focused internal audit plan. Our experts specialize in providing independent and objective feedback on the effectiveness of your organization’s internal controls and whether or not you are operating in accordance with established policies, procedures, and regulatory requirements.

Customizable Services

We will take the time to listen and learn about your needs and design a work plan customized to support your strategic mission taking into account enterprise-wide risks including strategic, operational, reputation, personnel, reporting, and compliance. Our services can be formal with a designated internal audit charter or be informal with ad-hoc risk reviews and reporting to your management team.

Data Analytics

For our internal audit clients, Aronson utilizes data analytics and extraction software so we are enabled to look at 100% of data populations to see trends and anomalies. Additionally, we can provide consulting on script writing for computer-assisted audit tools and techniques (CAATS) software such as IDEA and ACL.


Our team of experts can also manage and perform primary Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) testing for both financial and IT controls. Let us work to help you ensure your SOX Section 404 assessment framework is designed and operating effectively. This can also include actively participating on SOX Committees and acting as a SOX project coordinator.

Any Size Organization

Internal audit is not only important for larger and medium-sized organizations. It’s also equally important for smaller entities, as they may face similarly complex environments with a less formal structure to ensure the effectiveness of their entity-wide risk management processes.

Operational Audit

In an operational audit, we will evaluate the performance of a particular function, process or department to assess its efficiency and effectiveness. Operational audits typically combine elements of financial, IT, and compliance audits and focus on risks pertinent to the specifics of the audit objectives and scope.

Compliance Audit

In a compliance audit, our experts will evaluate your organizations adherence to established laws, standards, regulations, policies, and procedures based on the specifics of the audits objectives and scope.

Financial Audit

In a financial audit, we will assess the validity and appropriateness of  budgeting and accounting information in financial records and the adequacy of related internal controls.


Our team of experts can investigate circumstances surrounding suspected incidents of fraud, misuse of assets or violations of policies. Investigations are typically conducted to determine the extent of loss, assess weaknesses in controls, and make recommendations for corrective actions.

IT Audit

In an IT audit, we can evaluate controls related to your organization’s information processing systems. The objective would generally be to ascertain that IT systems are safeguarding assets, maintaining data integrity, and efficiently operating to achieve your business objectives.


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