Cybersecurity Advisory

Reduce the risk and likelihood of cybersecurity incidents

Given the crucial role technology plays for organizations, unmanaged cyber risks can jeopardize your organization’s profitability and survival. This threat requires all organizations do everything they can to quickly enhance their cyber security defenses.

At Aronson, we apply our extensive experience to assist your organization with developing a culture of security awareness that drives and enables cybersecurity maturity.

Our Services

We partner with clients to address critical cybersecurity gaps and/or areas of improvement.

We have the technical expertise to assist you with the following services below.

In need of a solution not listed below? We’d be happy to work with you to develop a unique offering to fit your needs. Contact us directly using the form and someone will respond to you shortly.

Cybersecurity Hygiene Check

We assist clients with understanding their current level of cybersecurity maturity.

  • Conduct stakeholder interviews.
  • Review existing work products (policies, procedures, security practices, and artifacts).
  • Provide a summary assessment of compliance with relevant security requirements.

Develop/Manage Cybersecurity Program

We develop and/or enhance a robust cybersecurity program for clients.

  • Develop strategy and roadmap to address relevant security controls and compliance gaps.
  • Conduct security review meetings to review progress against roadmap.
  • Provide guidance, direction, and/or support to internal stakeholders on addressing security controls.
  • Create, review, and update relevant documentation (e.g. policies, security plans).
  • Provide dedicated executive cybersecurity resource – Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vISO/vCISO).

Remediation Support

  • Provide support in addressing specific security controls or practices.
  • Develop and/or update documentation as needed.

Policy & Procedures Development & Updates

  • Review existing policies, cross-walk/map them to specified security frameworks, and recommend improvements.
  • Provide compliant policy templates and customize to fit organization’s

Security Awareness & Training

  • Manage security awareness and training program.
  • Schedule trainings to release regularly to staff.
  • Schedule and conduct phishing campaigns.
  • Review status of training efforts and provide recommendations to enhance program effectiveness.

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