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The National Institute of Health’s Information Technology Acquisition and Assessment Center (NITAAC) plans to issue the RFP December 15, 2020, with the proposal due March 31, 2021.  However, you can find the link to the draft RFP below.

This new vehicle value is expected to be $40 billion in spending and will consolidate both large and small businesses within this single contract.  The expectation is to make 75 to 125 unrestricted awards and 200 to 300 are reserved for small businesses.

If you have not already reviewed the self-scoring scorecard and started to optimize your plan to success, it’s not too late.  Does your company have an adequate accounting system?  This is a Go/No-Go criteria?   Have you started to think about your indirect rate structure and if you need to update it for this award?  There still is a small window to get your company on the future list of CIO-SP4 awardees.  For more information on how Aronson can support your CIO-SP4 needs please contact Kyle.

View the draft RFP and self-scoring checklist released by NIH. Please note that attachments are subject to change. There will be a highlighted indicator below the attachment section with an updated link if the attachments are expired.

For tips on how contractors can use the draft RFP and self-scoring checklist to position themselves for success, please view our on-demand webinar with our industry experts, Donna Dominguez and Tom Marcinko.


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