Potential Merger of GSA Engineering and Environmental Schedule Contracts

September 20, 2013

GSA is considering the potential merger of two GSA multiple award schedule contracts, 871, Professional Engineering Services (PES), and 899, Environmental Services. GSA is seeking industry feedback from 871 and 899 Schedule contractors through an online survey. The purpose of the possible merger would be to create a more complete and total solution Schedule contract as well as to increase the administrative efficiency of GSA and Schedule contractors.

If the contracts are merged:

  • Environmental Services Schedule Special Item Numbers (SINs) would transfer to the PES Schedule in their entirety.
  • Environmental Services contractors would retain their contract number, SINs, labor categories, and pricing.
  • Environmental Services contractors could request modification of their contract to add PES SINs.
  • PES contractors could request modification of their contract to add Environmental Services SINs.
  • The merged Schedule would be renamed.

Through industry feedback, GSA hopes to gather more information on the following: 

  • Will efficiencies be achieved by merging the Schedules?
  • Will merging the Schedules create significant administrative challenges for its contractors?
  • Will merging the Schedules negatively impact the government’s socioeconomic goals?
  • If implemented, suggestions for a new name for the combined Schedule. 

For more information, see more discussion on GSA’s Interact website.

For questions or assistance on GSA Schedule Contracts, please contact Hope Lane, Partner at Aronson LLC’s Government Contract Consulting Practice,  at  301-231-6266.

About the Author:  Barbara Connell is a consultant in Aronson LLC’s Government Contract Services Group, where she supports clients in a variety of government contracting areas, including GSA Schedules, Service Contract Act compliance and business system testing.