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Rob Eby

Improving Federal Grant Compliance in 2:30

Federal funding in today’s marketplace presents both opportunities and challenges for both for-profit government contractors and non-profit entities. Let us help you maximize your federal grant award and maintain compliance with the 12 areas of federal grant compliance. Watch our video to learn important insights on the key internal controls related to the Single Audit under […]

12 Areas of Federal Grant Compliance

Regardless of whether you’re a for-profit government contractor or non-profit entity, we understand how high the stakes are for organizations that receive federal award funding. When designing or improving your for-profit or nonprofit entity’s internal controls over federal grant compliance, it’s helpful to think like an auditor. Download our handout to gain valuable insights from an auditor’s […]

Do you need a Single Audit under Uniform Guidance?

Navigating through federal grants requirements can be at times complicated and overwhelming. We understand how high the stakes can be for both for-profit government contractors and nonprofits that receive federal award funding. We’re here to help. Download our infographic today to learn the three questions you need to consider to determine if your organization is subject to […]

What Does ASC 842 Mean for Your Nonprofit?

One of the most significant accounting overhauls to impact nonprofits is here. Are you ready for ASC 842? Download our “Leases Under ASC 842” information sheet to find out what the new lease accounting standard means for you and your nonprofit. For more information on Aronson’s Financial Advisory services surrounding leases for nonprofits, contact Rob […]

Top 10 Risks for Associations – Risks That Should Be Discussed in Your Board Rooms

Associations today face more challenges than ever. You’re under extreme pressure to stay relevant to your members while simultaneously navigating new financial and operational complexities. We’re here to help. Our team of experts has highlighted 10 emerging risks that span across an association’s risk universe. These Top 10 Risks are just a sampling of the […]

Discounting Pledges

Discounting pledges and accounts receivable can be a confusing topic, so it shows up often as a management letter comment.  Depending on the amount requiring adjustment, this can be either a significant deficiency or a material weakness if it gets too big. Below are some suggestions on how to record pledges and discounts, and avoid […]

Privacy Please! Protect Your School From Privacy Threats

Educational institutions store a vast amount of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and other valuable data that is routinely collected on students, from attendance records to medical data. Parents and education officials have high expectations for the safeguarding of students’ sensitive data. To enhance the trust of families, schools should support the safe and effective use […]

529 Savings Plans: 3 Ways the New Tax Law Affects Students

Under Internal Revenue Service code section 529, individual states can sponsor tax-advantaged education savings tools, a 529 savings plan, that is held by an account owner on behalf of a designated beneficiary. These plans, which have been available since 1996, help fund post-secondary education costs. One notable advantage is there are no limits on withdrawals […]

2018 Top 10 Risks for Associations

In all our client engagements, we partner with organizations to understand their needs and design services to support the strategic mission and add value to the organization. In this whitepaper, our team of experts have highlighted emerging risks that span across an association’s risk universe that boards should keep on their radar. Download our Top […]

New Nonprofit Reporting Standards

Download: New Nonprofit Reporting Standard Slides Did you know that the new Nonprofit Reporting Standards from the Accounting Standard Update 2016-14 will require you to change the way you present your nonprofit organization’s financial statements? This update was designed to provide more useful information to donors, grantors, creditors, etc., but greatly impacts how your organization must […]

Effective Internal Controls for Your School

Schools are not required to follow COSO’s advice for internal control over financial reporting (ICFR). However, financial statement auditors generally rely on the framework’s components when they assess ICFR. Download our “Effective Internal Controls for Your School” whitepaper.

New Nonprofit Accounting Standards Could Have Major Impact

Big changes related to nonprofit accounting are on the horizon. On April 22, 2015, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued proposed ASU, Presentation of Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Entities. In response to requests for better information about how nonprofits use their resources, the proposed update is intended to add clarity about an organization’s liquidity, […]