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Carol Barnard

The 2019 Compliance Supplement and You

The Compliance Supplement is a key tool for auditors when performing Single Audits under Uniform Guidance. But thanks to the key changes in the 2019 version, it is now an extremely helpful tool for auditees too. The Supplement details the compliance areas that are subject to testing by the auditor. The most significant change for […]

Improving Federal Grant Compliance in 2:30

Federal funding in today’s marketplace presents both opportunities and challenges for both for-profit government contractors and non-profit entities. Let us help you maximize your federal grant award and maintain compliance with the 12 areas of federal grant compliance. Watch our video to learn important insights on the key internal controls related to the Single Audit under […]

The 12 Areas of Federal Grant Compliance

Regardless of whether you’re a for-profit government contractor or non-profit entity, we understand how high the stakes are for organizations that receive federal award funding. When designing or improving your for-profit or nonprofit entity’s internal controls over federal grant compliance, it’s helpful to think like an auditor. Download our handout to gain valuable insights from an auditor’s […]

Do you need a Single Audit under Uniform Guidance?

Navigating through federal grants requirements can be at times complicated and overwhelming. We understand how high the stakes can be for both for-profit government contractors and nonprofits that receive federal award funding. We’re here to help. Download our infographic today to learn the three questions you need to consider to determine if your organization is subject to […]

Audit Preparedness and You

Audit season is starting up for organizations with December 31st year ends. Nothing really rings in the New Year like rolling forward those net asset schedules. It is never easy for each side of an audit to understand what it is like from the other perspective unless you’ve been on both sides of the table. […]

The 12 Areas of Federal Grant Compliance

When designing or improving your organization’s internal controls over federal grant compliance, it’s helpful to always have an auditor’s perspective. Understanding what your auditor is looking for in a Single Audit can help you develop better processes. The Compliance Supplement, or “The Supplement,” is a yearly publication by the Office of Management and Budget that […]

Allocating Direct & Indirect Costs for Nonprofits

Overhead and G&A are part of the cost of doing business. Nonprofits need to know how to present their programs in a way that represents the true picture of what goes into conducting the program. By watching this webinar, your organizations will learn how to identify indirect cost methods and cost drivers for allocating an […]

Procurement Policies for Nonprofits

As of January 1, 2018, nonprofit organizations must be in compliance with the new procurement regulations. If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to review your procurement policies and procedures. The new regulations are effective for all nonprofits with federal grants and cost-plus contracts that fall under Uniform Guidance. You may be […]

Pricing Strategies for Membership Associations that Build Relationships

It is crucial for membership associations to form strong relationships with their current and prospective members. During a webinar hosted by Abila, the presenter gave advice on new ways associations can approach their membership pricing and packaging strategies. The specialist proposed taking Costco’s effective marketing template and applying it to membership organizations that provide their […]

2017 Yellow Book Overhaul Ahead

On April 5, 2017, the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) released an exposure draft of the Yellow Book with proposed updates to Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS). The Yellow Book contains guidance for auditors who perform Single Audits for organizations that have federal grants. It includes professional qualifications, audit firm quality control standards, ethics, […]

The New Overtime Rule and Its Impact on Nonprofits

“It is highly misleading to suggest that most nonprofits will not need to worry about the revised [overtime] rule. Nonprofit tax status has no bearing on whether an employer is required to pay its employees overtime,” states Michael Eastman, an attorney with NT Lakis in Washington, D.C. Eastman also is counsel to the Society for Human Resource […]

Nonprofits Sued for Return of $2.1 Million in Donations

More than two dozen local, state and national nonprofit agencies are being sued for the return of $2.1 million in donations in a Waco, Texas based lawsuit. A trustee for Life Partners Holdings claims the donations were made by the CEO from funds he fraudulently received from the company before it filed for bankruptcy last […]