Operation Continuity Whitepaper

December 6, 2019

Government shutdowns. Cyberattacks. Weather outages. Public health crises. These are just some examples of crisis-related disruptions that can affect an organization’s operations.

40% of organizations never reopen their doors following a disaster, and 25% fail within one year. If you think you’re in the clear after getting past the initial period, think again. More than 90% of organizations fail within two years of being hit by a disaster.

In order to survive, you need to take critical measures to prepare for an interruption—and designing the right operation continuity plan is key to minimizing revenue loss and operations downtime during times of stress and uncertainty.

We’re here to help. Our team of experts has highlighted considerations for and components of a successful operation continuity plan. Download our whitepaper to learn more, and contact Rob Eby or Renzo Portella at 301.231.6200 to start developing a plan tailored to your organization.