Survival Tactic #6 We will not let our GSA Contract modifications get stranded with our Contracting Officer

January 10, 2011

During 2010, the requirement to use eMod for the submission of GSA contract modifications became mandatory for most contract holders. If you haven’t submitted a modification during the past year, your in for a surprise!

eMod is an internet based application that requires GSA contract holders to upload/process/approve their contract modification online versus paper submission. The application greatly improves the tracking and processing of modifications since everything is done electronically.

To avoid having your modification stranded, you should:

STEP 1: Obtain a digital certificate for the authorized GSA contract signer/negotiator and contract administrator identified in the contract.

Step 2: Provide your contracting officer with the exact names and spellings of each digital certificate holder so they may update this info in the eMod application.

Step 3: Login into the eMod application to make sure all information entered by GSA is accurate and complete.

Once you can login, follow the page-by-page instructions to upload the required modification documentation. Make 2011 a year of being proactive rather than reactive!

Have a great year!

Contact Peter O’Neill at 301.222.8226 if you have any questions about eMod or anything else pertaining to your GSA contract(s).