New Screening Process for GSA Professional Services Schedule Offers Intends to Tackle Backlog

November 24, 2015

Wondering what happened to your Professional Services Schedule (PSS) offer submission? GSA gave low priority to new offers while navigating the complex transition over to the PSS model. As a result, there are approximately 530 offers in-house with GSA’s Professional Services Category contracting team. In an Interact post dated November 13, GSA wrote, “Each offer is important and deserves a dedicated and thorough review, yet we recognize an untimely rejection is a major pain point. Consequently, we are focusing on a more efficient method for not only addressing the backlog of offers received, but also improving our review process.”

In order to reduce the length of time offerors wait for a decision as to whether their offers are eligible for award, GSA has instituted a new pre-screening process using a team of experienced contract specialists to complete the initial reviews. GSA’s goal is to complete the prescreen process on all offers currently in house by December 31, 2015. The Professional Services Schedule covers all SINs previous covered under the following single Schedules: FABS (520), AIMS (541), Language (738II), PES (871), MOBIS (874), LOGWORLD (874V), and Environmental Services (899).

The pre-screening process allows for a review of the offer to determine if it meets the requirements of the solicitation – for example, all required documents are included, documents submitted are in scope of the SIN(s) proposed, and pricing is accurate and supported. The goal is twofold – (1) to provide feedback on offers that do not meet requirements and (2) to allow for a faster award with minimal clarifications or discussion items if/when the offeror submits a revised offer. If an offer is rejected because it did not meet the proposal instructions, a copy of the offer review checklist is provided for the offeror’s information.

Additionally, the GSA’s Professional Services Category contracting team will begin hosting quarterly webinars in January, 2016. The first webinar, slated for January 20th, will be “Submission of a Successful Offer under the Professional Services Schedule.” See GSA’s Interact post for more on the backlog, new screening process, webinar registration, and resources to assist in offer preparation.