“Look me in the eye and tell me: ‘I’m satisfied'” *

October 26, 2011

The Chronicle of Philanthropy has an article posted yesterday that reveals survey results indicating the nonprofit workforce is unsatisfied. 70% of the workers surveyed in the New York and Washington metro regions reported being disappointed or only somewhat fulfilled with their work.

The employees are giving a lack of “respect, trust and support by management” and lack of recognition for their efforts as the reason behind their dissatisfaction. In addition, due to ongoing economic hardships, many of the employees have suffered pay-cuts and watched their budgets dwindle. Internal office politics also showed up as a problem in survey results.

The president of Professionals for NonProfits, Gayle Brandel, was quoted as saying “the cost of employee disengagement and poor performance is very high, as is the cost of turnover. ..the price an organization pays for disengaged staff can be staggering.” The survey results are available on the Professionals for NonProfit website.

Not all of it is bad news: the article ends on a high note saying 60% of the participants in the survey say they are optimistic for the future.

*The title of this post is a lyric from The Replacements – Unsatisfied.