Is this a IRS Scammer? Check for Yourself.

October 16, 2018

Each year, many taxpayers receive IRS scammer calls from individuals purporting to be IRS agents, claiming that thousands of dollars are owed. Immediate payment is usually required, which itself is a giveaway that a scam is afoot. The IRS will never ask for money over the telephone. If you owe money, the IRS will send out a series of notices by mail. These scammers have gotten more sophisticated in how they present themselves, making it more difficult to tell if there is indeed a problem. However, now you have the capability to check for yourself online.

You can access your own tax information on the IRS website. Once you have established an online account, you will have access to all the details of your tax account that an IRS representative would have access to. This includes any balance due, a record of payments made, and transcripts of each year’s activity. There is no longer a need to call the IRS for this information, as it is available on their easy to use online resource.

Getting online access is a bit arduous due to the extensive process by which the IRS needs to take in order to verify your identity. Details about what information is needed can be found online. However, these inconveniences are only temporary and worth going through in order to have immediate access to your information. Should you see a problem with your account, you should call the IRS directly rather than converse with anyone who calls you, or contact your tax professional.

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