The Dirty Details of Worker Classification

Worker classification is one of those tricky compliance issues that everybody knows about, but... more
June 8, 2012
  • By:
  • Rebecca Schindler

Foreign Bank Account Disclosure Program (OVDP) Changes

IRS commissioner John Koskinen issued an announcement, and the IRS issued a press release, of... more
June 24, 2014

Business Use of Vehicle Substantiation Requirements Strike Again

In a seemingly never-ending parade of taxpayers losing battles over records substantiation, we have... more
July 14, 2014

Deducting Business Travel Expenses

Does your job require travel away from home?  Expenses for temporarily working away from your home... more
February 13, 2014

IRS Trust Fund Penalty Enforcement Heats Up

Much to the surprise of many business owners and those involved in financial operations,... more
June 4, 2014

Board Volunteer and the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty

The IRS was denied summary judgment to impose the trust fund recovery penalty against a volunteer... more
June 21, 2018

Starting a Law Practice – Part 4: Tax Planning and Compliance

Whether you’re a solo practitioner or starting a law practice, there are fundamental tax... more
March 31, 2015
  • By:
  • Aronson

Selling Cannabis: Are Your Expenses Tax Deductible?

State legislation has now been passed in 30 states to legalize cannabis for medical or recreational... more
September 26, 2018

Vacationing While on Business Travel – Is it Deductible?

As the summer heat cranks up, it is tempting to squeeze in some leisure time during a business... more
July 15, 2015

Trust Fund Recovery Penalty – A Business Owner’s Worst Nightmare

“Nothing is certain except for death and taxes,” is a phrase that was written by Benjamin... more
October 18, 2018

Should your Medical Practice be a “C” Corporation?

The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act created the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 199A, which provides for a... more
March 13, 2019

The Definition of Marriage According to the Treasury

In 2013, the Supreme Court struck down Section Three of the Defense of Marriage Act, which paved... more
September 26, 2016