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Do you need a Single Audit under Uniform Guidance?

Navigating through federal grants requirements can be at times complicated and overwhelming. We... more

Business Continuity Planning

Government shutdowns. Cyberattacks. Weather outages. These are just some examples of... more
Nov 20

Preparing for an Exit 2019

In today’s competitive M&A environment, successful exits require advance planning and... more

Executive Compensation for 2019 – Unless We Hear Otherwise!

We anticipate that the executive compensation limit for government contractors for the year ending... more
Aronson Foundation Charity of the Month

Aronson Foundation Supports the Hopkins Quality of Life Research Fund – October Charity of the Month

Aronson’s Charity of the Month for October 2019 is the Hopkins Quality of Life Research Fund, a... more
October 1, 2019
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Past Speaking Engagement

Kevin Gerrity Served on an Employee Engagement Panel

Kevin Gerrity, Aronson's Chief People Officer, served on a panel at Helios HR's Event "Successful... more
Nov 15
Upcoming Webinar

Create Effective Statements of Functional Expenses

Two members of Aronson’s Nonprofit & Association Services Group will host a webinar on... more
Oct 18
Upcoming Webinar

Topic 606 Revenue Recognition Model

Mark Robins, a director in Aronson's Nonprofit & Association Services Group, will host a... more

Should I Change My Grantor Trust to a Nongrantor Trust?

In recent years, grantor trusts have been a popular method used by taxpayers in an effort to... more