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December 2014 M&A Market Update: Evaluating Contract Mix in Government Services M&A

The majority of the completed Government Services transactions involve targets with annual revenue of less than

October 2014 M&A Market Update: Federal Case & Records Management Mandates Drive M&A

Government-wide goals of enhanced transparency, cross agency collaboration, and information sharing are driving federal agencies to allocate

September 2014 M&A Market Update: Federal M&A Trends in Spin-Off and Divestiture Transactions

Federal contractors continue to adapt to the well-documented budget constraints. Competition for government contracts has increased

August 2014 M&A Market Update: Rapid Growth in Healthcare IT Continues

Healthcare IT remains as one of the largest and fastest growing segments of government spending, with

July 2014 M&A Market Update: Q2 Earnings Calls

After fighting off the sequestration woes in late 2013, government contracting firms continue to provide mixed

June 2014 M&A Market Update: Valuation from a Public Strategic Buyer

At the end of June, two acquisitions of mid-size intelligence companies were announced by Tier 1

May 2014 M&A Market Update: Valuation in the Eye of the Buyer

In a sale process, all sellers want to maximize the value of their business, so it

April 2014 M&A Market Update: Use of Debt by Government Contractors

Executives and business owners of government contractors are constantly evaluating new opportunities that can grow their

March 2014 M&A Market Update: 2014 Capital Deployment Strategies for Government Contractors

Executives and boards of directors of publicly traded government contractors are constantly evaluating capital deployment alternatives

February 2014 M&A Market Update: Q4 Earnings Calls Continued

Public companies included in our government services index continued to report CY 13 Q4 earnings throughout