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September 2014 M&A Market Update: Federal M&A Trends in Spin-Off and Divestiture Transactions

Federal contractors continue to adapt to the well-documented budget constraints. Competition for government contracts has increased

August 2014 M&A Market Update: Rapid Growth in Healthcare IT Continues

Healthcare IT remains as one of the largest and fastest growing segments of government spending, with

July 2014 M&A Market Update: Q2 Earnings Calls

After fighting off the sequestration woes in late 2013, government contracting firms continue to provide mixed

June 2014 M&A Market Update: Valuation from a Public Strategic Buyer

At the end of June, two acquisitions of mid-size intelligence companies were announced by Tier 1

May 2014 M&A Market Update: Valuation in the Eye of the Buyer

In a sale process, all sellers want to maximize the value of their business, so it

April 2014 M&A Market Update: Use of Debt by Government Contractors

Executives and business owners of government contractors are constantly evaluating new opportunities that can grow their

March 2014 M&A Market Update: 2014 Capital Deployment Strategies for Government Contractors

Executives and boards of directors of publicly traded government contractors are constantly evaluating capital deployment alternatives

February 2014 M&A Market Update: Q4 Earnings Calls Continued

Public companies included in our government services index continued to report CY 13 Q4 earnings throughout

January 2014 M&A Market Update: Q-4 Earnings Calls

When we last checked in on our government services indices back in October 2013 following Q3

Southland Concrete Case Study

Southland Concrete has been in the commercial concrete subcontracting business since 1973. They serve the Washington