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Financial Statement Fraud

Download: Financial Statement Fraud Slides Financial statement fraud is the costliest kind of fraud in the workplace

Q2 2016 M&A Market Update: Pockets of Growth in the Federal Market

In spite of relatively stagnant growth prospects across the defense and government services market, there are

How to Prevent and Mitigate Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks against businesses and institutions are on the rise. The complexity of these attacks has

Worker Classification – Do it Right or Pay the Penalties

Download: Worker Classification – Do It Right or Pay the Penalties Slides It is becoming increasingly important

Point of View: Insider Threat

What is an insider threat and how can your company prevent or minimize such risks? Aronson’s newest

2nd Annual Employee Benefit Plan Benchmarking Report

Retaining talented employees is a vital part of doing business, and employee benefit plans can be

A Contractor’s Guide: Is the Alliant 2 RFP for You?

Are you finding yourself completely overwhelmed with all the information out there on GSA’s Alliant 2? Understanding

Mastering the Pre-Award Accounting System Review

Have you found yourself trying to understand what an “adequate” accounting system means and what exactly

Q1 2016 M&A Market Update: Evolving Buyer Landscape

The relative budget stability and clarity has driven a renewed interest in government services acquisition targets