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Do you need a Single Audit under Uniform Guidance?

Navigating through federal grants requirements can be at times complicated and overwhelming. We understand how high

SaaS Market Trends

The past five years saw strong growth in the broader Software Publishing Industry, but growth is expected

Construction & Engineering Market Trends

Revenue in the construction industry has grown at a compound annual rate of 3.4% in the

Government Contracting Compensation & Benefits Trends

There is a lot of debate surrounding who receives better compensation and benefits, federal workers or

Compensation & Benefits Trends

Developing compensation and benefits arrangements to meet the needs of all employees can keep human resources

Healthcare Technology Market Trends

Download our “Market Trends: Healthcare Technology” infographic to see the latest on valuation metrics, M&A transactions, venture

Internal Audit Roadmap

An internal audit can help you maximize opportunities and minimize risk. Download our “Internal Audit Roadmap”

Software As A Services (SaaS) Market Trends

Download our complete “Software as a Service (SaaS) Market Trends” infographic today to learn the latest

2017 Construction & Engineering Market Trends

In today’s competitive marketplace, companies in the Construction and Engineering (C&E) are faced with more risk