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M&A Shop – Is Sec 1202 Exclusion the New Game Changer?

Industry experts are currently pondering whether the 100% stock gain exclusion currently available under Sec 1202


Tired of paying someone else rent for your medical practice office? Thinking of purchasing your own

Qualified Tuition Reduction

What is a qualified tuition reduction? A qualified tuition reduction can be anything from a partial

Lowering Tax Liability for Medical Professionals

Many medical professionals earn salaries that push them into higher tax brackets and are unable to

Where Have My Deductions Gone?

While there are many provisions in the tax reform act that may reduce taxable income, including

Health Savings Accounts “HSA” Updates in the News

IRS Revises Inflation Adjusted Benefit Plan Limits in Bulletin 2018-10 Bulletin 2018-10 reveals that the maximum

Virginia Says “No” to Federal Tax Reform

On February 22nd and 23rd, 2018, the Virginia General Assembly enacted two pieces of emergency legislation

How Will the New Tax Bill Impact Restaurant and Hotel Owners?

On December 22, 2017, President Donald Trump signed into law the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

60 Days to Know if Your ICS is Adequate or Not!

DCAA’s Letter of Memorandum for Regional Directors (MRD) issued on January 29, 2018, discusses how DCAA

Choosing a Retirement Plan for Your Business

Retirement is a goal of almost everyone and people frequently find themselves asking, “How can I