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As DoD Relies on Indefinite-Delivery Contracts, So Must Contractors!

The General Accountability Office (GAO) recently determined that approximately 40% of DoD obligations in fiscal years

New HSA Contribution Limits Released for 2019

The IRS recently released the 2019 annual contribution limits for health savings accounts (HSAs). These limits

Venture Capital Investments Continue Upward Trend in Mid-Atlantic Region

In 2017, the level of venture capital (VC) activity in the U.S. rose, with $85.4 billion

Expanded Liabilities for General Contractors

The construction business can be a risky one for many reasons, and in the state of

Kentucky Adopts Sweeping Tax Reform

On April 27, 2018, the Kentucky legislature voted to override Governor Matt Bevin’s veto of the

M&A Shop Talk- When Asked to Take Paper in the Deal, Don’t Worry

The passing of the 2017 tax reform, the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” will certainly intensify

TINA & CAS Thresholds Increased to $2 Million

The Truth in Negotiation Act (TINA) currently requires offerors to certify that accurate, current, and complete

Maryland Legislature Enacts Single Sales Factor Phase-In

On April 24, 2018, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan signed legislation HB1794 and SB1090 that will phase-in

Upcoming GSA and Federal Contract Reporting Deadline Reminder

Federal contractors, don’t forget that important reporting deadlines are coming up this month! For GSA Schedule

New Form 5472 Filing Requirement for U.S. Disregarded Entities Owned by a Foreign Person

On December 13, 2016, the IRS issued new regulations (T.D. 9796) that requires U.S. disregarded entities