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Political Action Committee – Exempt Function Income

The income tax exemption provided to political organizations applies only to the “exempt function income” of
September 22, 2010

Political Action Committees – Nonconnected Committees and Leadership PACS

Types of Political Action Committees             There are several different types of political action committees (“PACs”)
September 22, 2010

Political Action Committee – Definition of Exempt Function

I.R.C. Section 527(e)(2) defines “exempt function” as the function of influencing or attempting to influence the
September 21, 2010

Political Action Committees – Federal Election Law and Separate Segregated Funds

Federal Election Law Federal election law generally provides regulations on the way American political campaigns for
September 21, 2010

DOD Acquisition Directive: "Do More Without More"

Under Secretary Carter of the Department of Defense (DOD) issued a memorandum (now known as the
September 16, 2010

The Senate’s Efforts to Reduce The New 1099 Reporting Burden

Senator Bill Nelson, Democrat of Florida, has proposed that businesses with 25 or fewer employees would
September 13, 2010

Endowment Investment Management

Endowments are permanently restricted assets maintained with the intent of having a source of investment income
September 8, 2010


The IRS announced today that tax exempt organizations qualifying for the credit will use Form 8941
September 7, 2010

A Close Look at Charitable Trusts

Many nonprofit organizations have experienced a decline in individual and foundation contributions.  In an effort to
September 1, 2010

IRS Issues New Publication on Gaming: Tax-Exempt Organizations and Gaming

If your nonprofit organization is considering any gaming activities or is already engaged in gaming activities
August 31, 2010