What GSA Schedule Holders Need to Know About GSA’s New Services MAC

In light of the runaway success of the General Services Administration (GSA)’s OASIS best-in-class (BIC) contract
June 9, 2021

From the GSA Trenches: GSA Digest: Turning Obstacles into Awards

Aronson’s seasoned team of GSA experts works with contractors to navigate the complexities of GSA Schedule

How to Use Multiple Lookup Criteria in a XLOOKUP Excel Formula

Microsoft Office’s newest iteration of Excel in Office 365 introduces “dynamic array formulas” such as FILTER
May 26, 2021

PCORI Fees Due for Many Health Insurance Arrangements by August 2, 2021

Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), certain types of health insurance arrangements are
May 24, 2021

Sustainability Reporting – Why You Should Care

Environmental, Social, Governance (“ESG”) – three words we have heard a lot about lately. “ESG” serves
May 24, 2021

The System for Award Management Integration with

The General Services Administration (GSA) has been working to modernize its systems by merging several legacy
May 20, 2021

The Need for Efficient Technology Post COVID-19

The construction industry has over 7 million employees and creates over $1.3 trillion worth of structures
May 19, 2021

GSA Verified Products Portal (VPP) Implementation

May 17, 2021 – The General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Acquisition Services (FAS) issued a mandatory
May 17, 2021

Accounting for Public Benefit Companies – What Do You Need to Know?

If you are looking to form a mission driven organization but still retain for-profit status, a
May 17, 2021

New HSA Contribution Limits Released for 2022

The IRS recently released in Revenue Procedure 2021-25 the 2022 annual contribution limits for health savings
May 12, 2021