Helping you achieve a successful outcome for your clients.

As an attorney, you are dedicated to fighting for your clients. Worrying about taxes and accounting can be a distraction from achieving your goals. We are here to help you with those aspects of your business.

Our Experience

We understand the unique challenges you face, including mounting fee pressure, complex billing models, and a need for greater insight into your business metrics. From specialized financial advice to innovative consulting services, our experts free you to focus on doing what you do best—serving your clients.

Our Services

Our tax and accounting services for law firms include:

  • Tax planning and preparation
  • QuickBooks support and outsourcing
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Audit and assurance services
  • Internal control review
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • New partner/shareholder admission planning
  • Strategic business planning

Our Litigation Support Services

In addition to tax and accounting services, our team of forensic accountants and litigation specialists work behind the scenes doing analytical and investigative work to help you resolve complex financial disputes. We work side-by-side with well-known AmLaw 100 firms, as well as regional law firms on a wide variety of matters. To learn more about specific services we offer, please visit our Forensic & Valuation page.


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