Implementing Changes to Costpoint to Improve Productivity and Efficiency: Part 2 – Content Management

June 7, 2022

Imagine being able to look at a record in Costpoint and see the backup documents related specifically to that record! No longer would you need to search a separate file system. The convenience of having these documents attached in Costpoint can reduce the time spent trying to find the related backup document(s) in another system – whether that be an Accounts Payable voucher, a Journal Entry, Billing documents, Purchase Orders, Project Award/Modifications, and more. You can attach these documents to a record and retrieve that same document in the same or another linked application!

Companies often update their current business practices and processes to take advantage of this time-saving tool. These businesses use the power of Content Management to increase efficiencies, reduce unproductive time, and save time and money during audits. The amount of time that a company spends during an audit to find/retrieve backup documents can be reduced by over 90% by utilizing a full suite of Content Management.

Content Management is a product within Costpoint where electronic content (typically documents) can be linked from a third-party Content Management System (CMS), usually SharePoint, to a specific Costpoint data record. If you are licensed for this product and your company uses SharePoint, using Content Management can help your company be more productive and efficient.

Content Types are set up that link a key data item across multiple Costpoint applications. The system can be configured such that the document being attached to a record cannot be attached to other records. This can prevent errors with documents being attached to incorrect records. Configuration options also include which applications allow new links and which applications allow deletions.

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