GSA’s MAS Consolidation: What’s In and What’s Out

October 24, 2019

On October 1, GSA released its highly anticipated Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) solicitation. MAS consolidates and streamlines the legacy 24 Schedules into a single vehicle for commercial products, services, and solutions. For the remainder of the year, GSA will focus on awarding offers submitted under the old structure.

GSA plans to begin awarding new contracts under the MAS solicitation beginning in January 2020. Current Schedule holders do not need to do anything different yet. At the start of calendar year 2020, GSA will issue a mandatory modification to convert existing contracts over to the new MAS structure. Contractors will have until June 30, 2020 to accept the modification.

As an update to our previous MAS blog, the below tables provide a quick summary of key changes:

What’s Out
What’s In
24 Schedules Single, “mega” schedule with 12 Large Categories and 82 Subcategories based on the current Government-Wide Category Structure*
Maintaining multiple contracts Figuring out which contract to keep
Individual Schedule names (IT70, PSS, LAW 84, 03FAC…) MAS
Arbitrary Special Item Numbers (SINs) categorized by Schedule

Ex. 132-51, IT Professional Services

SINs based on North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes

Ex. 54151S, IT Professional Services

900+ SINs 300+ SINs with new descriptions consolidated and rewritten for clarity
Multiple size standards per SIN Single size standard per SIN
14 different versions of new offer instructions Two versions of new offer instructions
New contract required to add product or service area under a different Schedule Adding a new Category to MAS contract only requires a modification
All solicitation documents, templates and attachments packaged together and available on FedBizOpps Some solicitation templates and attachments now located on GSA’s “Available Offerings and Requirements” page
Schedule-specific solicitation attachments Category-level solicitation attachments
Past Performance Evaluation from Open Ratings for new offers Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) preferred evaluation method
Multiple GSA contracting officers Single GSA point of contact
Contract assigned to a GSA Region based on Schedule area Contract assigned to a GSA Region based on predominant NAICS code
72A Sales Reporting System FAS Sales Reporting Portal

*Does not include the Schedules managed by Veterans Affairs

More information is available in GSA’s recent webinar recording and updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

What Hasn’t Changed
Current contractors can still modify their existing Schedule(s)
Contract numbers will remain the same for current schedule holders
Overall contract period of performance still 20 years
Price Reductions Clause (even though the clause number has changed to 552.238-81)
Streamlined offer process for existing, successful schedule holders
Cooperative Purchasing coverage – Information Technology + Security and Protection Categories
Order Level Materials (OLMs) still limited to specific categories/sub-categories
Transactional Data Reporting (TDR) Pilot extended through FY2020
What’s Next?

Phase II – January 2020: Existing contractors will receive a mandatory modification to update their contract’s structure and terms and conditions to the new MAS format. After accepting the modification, contractors will be able to add new Categories/SINs to their MAS contract.

Phase III – Beginning mid to late 2020, continuing as needed: Contractors with multiple schedules will work with GSA to select a single contract to go forward with. The contractor will have to add the SINs from the contracts that were not selected to the surviving contract. For example, let’s consider a company with an IT70 and a PSS contract. If they keep the IT70, they will then have to add the PSS contract’s SINs to the surviving contract. We will discuss strategies for Phase III in a later blog.

For any questions, please contact Vanessa Wilson, Jennifer Aubel, or one of our GSA Schedules specialists at 301.231.6200.