GSA Verified Products Portal (VPP) Implementation

May 17, 2021

May 17, 2021 – The General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Acquisition Services (FAS) issued a mandatory mass modification, Refresh 6, to all existing GSA MAS Schedule contracts. This new solicitation refresh, #47QSMD20R0001, implements the Verified Products Portal (VPP).  The VPP is a manufacturer and wholesaler-facing portal containing authoritative product content that will standardize catalog-data for commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products published under the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) program.

The VPP enables automated verification and enforcement of supplier authorization, product descriptions/images, and pricing information which will reduce the burden on vendors to provide individual Letters of Supply and product specifications. If a vendor’s applicable manufacturer (or their authorized partner) participates in the VPP, a Letter of Supply will not be required for that manufacturer.  If you are submitting a new offer that includes products or are adding new products to your current contract, determine if the manufacturer is participating and confirm authorization in the dashboard of participating manufacturers. If a manufacturer is not part of the VPP, a letter of supply will be required.

To participate in the VPP, the manufacturer must send an email to

GSA also released a revised Letter of Supply (LOS) template that updates MAS language and outlines specific category and offering requirements for Furniture and Furnishings, Information Technology and Office Management.  The revised letter also states that all products offered must be compliant with FAR clauses prohibiting certain software and telecommunications equipment, 52.204-23 and 52.204-25. Each Vendor is “responsible for maintaining a current Letter of Supply…for the duration of the MAS contract period and any extensions thereof, either directly with the manufacturer or through an authorized partner.”

As a best practice for contract compliance, Aronson recommends product vendors obtain new Letters of Supply on a regular basis. If you currently offer products on your GSA Schedule contract, Aronson recommends reaching out to your manufacturers to obtain an updated letter using the revised GSA LOS template. Please reach out to Aronson’s GSA team or your Aronson consultant If you have specific questions.