GSA Seeks Industry Feedback on Draft Changes to Polaris

May 16, 2022

On May 13, 2022, the General Services Administration (GSA) posted proposed changes to the Polaris GWAC solicitation here. The original solicitation was recalled due to concerns it favored mentor-protégé joint ventures over stand-alone small businesses, due to the fact that the large business mentor could provide all of the relevant experience. GSA is proposing two changes to Section L. The first is that the protégé must provide at least one primarily relevant experience project or emerging technology project. The second change is that the joint venture offerors must submit a description of the experience and qualifications of each partner as well as any work performed by the joint venture itself. The proposal must also state whether any partner or the joint venture itself lacks previous work experience or qualifications. These changes will make it difficult for small business protégé’s that lack experience to win a spot on Polaris. Perhaps not coincidently, the changes are similar to the recent CIO-SP 4 solicitation.

GSA states these are draft changes and is requesting industry feedback by May 23,2022 at If you have further questions please contact Aronson’s Govcon Compliance Experts at