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GSA Schedules 101

May 23, 2018

Doing business with the Federal Government is an attractive proposition. As the world’s largest buyer and marketplace, government contracts can present your business with tremendous opportunities for growth.

The process is not easy though. The Federal Government has painstakingly designed a maze of rules, regulations, and requirements. These rules make the Federal procurement process fair and transparent, leveling the playing field and promoting healthy competition. They also make it slow and difficult to navigate.

Download our eBook, where we answer your top questions on GSA Schedules and help you navigate whether your business should go down the path of acquiring your first GSA Schedule. Contents include:

  • Do you need a GSA Schedule Contract?
  • What are GSA Schedules?
  • What are the advantages of GSA Schedules?
  • What can you sell via GSA Schedules?
  • Who can buy from GSA Schedules?
  • What pricing information do you need to provide?
  • How does GSA evaluate proposals?
  • How is GSA Schedule pricing negotiated?
  • Final Insights
  • More Information

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