GSA Sales Success (Part 1) – Knowledge is Key for Success

July 27, 2011

GSA Seeks to Understand and Improve Under-performing Schedule Contracts. GSA is investing in MAS Contractors’ Success Through Contractor Readiness and Sustainment Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) Project.   The goal of the project is to increase the probability of Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contractors’ success throughout the contract lifecycle.  One key finding – In reviewing the number of days to first sale for the top five revenue producing Multiple Award Schedules, it took a median of 268 days (approximately 9 months) to reach the first sale over $100K.

A key objective of the pre-award work is to help ensure businesses have realistic expectations of what it takes to be a successful MAS contractor. During the post award, the primary objective is to develop and/or enhance FAS processes, tools, and actions to help contractors sustain success – achieving a minimum of $25,000 at each of the performance periods outlined in I-FSS 639 Contract Sales Criteria (March 2002).  The first phase of improvements are planned for late summer 2011.  Check out GSA Steps Newsletter, Issue No. 28, Summer 2011 for more information.