GSA Management Services Center Makes eMod System Mandatory

February 8, 2011

GSA’s Management Services Center (MSC) in Auburn, WA, which manages the MOBIS, PES, LOGWORLD, Language Services, Environmental, and Consolidated Schedules, refreshed all of its solicitations on February 3rd, making use of the eMod electronic modification system mandatory for its current contractor holders. This means that contractors who have not yet obtained an IdenTrust or ORC digital certificate will be unable to complete any contract modifications until they obtain their digital certificate and get it loaded into the eMod system. For more information about obtaining a digital certificate and other important details regarding the use of the eMod system, visit the eMod /eOffer homepage.

…If you have a GSA Schedule contract managed by the MSC that incorporates the Service Contract Act (SCA), be sure to check back with FedPoint tomorrow when we discuss updates to the wage determinations incorporated in MSC Schedules and why you may need to modify your rates very soon! Another good reason to get your digital certificates NOW!