GSA eMod – Rapid Action Modification (RAM)

December 16, 2009

On November 16, 2009 GSA introduced a new way to expedite administrative and deletion modifications via the eMod system, the Rapid Action Modification(RAM).

Why was RAM created? GSA analysis revealed that 30% of the modifications being processed on a monthly basis pertained to administrative and deletion modifications.  Utilizing the eMod system will help Contracting Officers (CO) cut down on the time it takes to process these types of modifications, allowing better use their time working on option period renewals, new awards etc.

Types of modifications that can be used via the eMod RAM process:

Administrative Modifications: Update of – authorized negotiators, contract administrator, phone number, fax number, email address, website URL, authorized resellers, etc.

Deletion Modifications: Deletion of – Products, labor categories, special item number (SIN).

How does the RAM modification process work? (Extract from GSA email).  When you log into the eMod system and submit an administrative or deletion modification request your CO will receive a notification that you have initiated a RAM modification.  RAM modifications are unilateral on the part of the government meaning that you will not be required to provide a digital  signature after submitting you request.  Your CO will view the request, and you will then receive notification (and if approved, an SF30) that your modification has been approve or rejected.

I find that using the eMod system helps better track and expedite modifications for my clients.  If you haven’t tried the system yet, give it a test run …  you will want to be prepared for the day when GSA announces that all contract actions must be processed through eMod.